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Junior Year Timeline

The PDF below will give you a checklist of what should be done throughout your junior year. We suggest you keep it and mark the items off as you complete them. The list of items to be done can be found below:
  • Junior Interviews are conducted through April; request one by making an appointment in Guidance.
  • Prepare to take the SAT
    • March 9 – Register by February 23
    • May 4 – Register by April 19
    • June 1 – Register by May 17
    • Use your personalized study plan via Khan Academy to prepare:
  • Choose Senior Courses carefully — check on the requirements of those colleges and trade schools that interest you — Admissions Officers do look at your choice in coursework! Be sure that you are meeting NCAA Clearinghouse guidelines if you intend to participate in athletics:
  • Attend the Junior Information Night on March 20, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Father Judge
  • Attend any Spring Open Houses and Spring College Fairs. Take advantage of off days (i.e., February 19, March 21 & 28, May 10 & 11, etc.) to visit colleges or trade schools.
  • Keep researching sources of scholarships (i.e., businesses, labor unions, civic associations)
  • Research summer jobs, volunteer activities, academic programs, college courses, etc.
  • If interested in the Military Academies, you must start this application process now.
  • Keep reviewing for the SATs---read, read, read! Use your personalized study plan via Khan Academy to prepare:
  • Work on a resume that includes all your extracurricular activities including work experience, clubs, organizations, athletics (school and community), and volunteer/community service—use Naviance!
  • Make appointments to visit colleges/ trade schools that interest you. Review the Common Application so you are ready to begin applying in the Fall: