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Mission Statement & Statement of Beliefs

Mission Statement
Located in Philadelphia, Father Judge High School respects the diversity of each student and provides a climate of academic excellence, college preparation, and post-secondary readiness within a safe environment. Rooted in the spirituality of our patron Saint Francis de Sales, Father Judge High School educates the whole young man spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially in the Catholic tradition.
Statements of Belief
  • We believe, as did our patron St. Francis De Sales, that you should not wish to be anything except who you are and strive to be that well; therefore, a Salesian gentleman manifests a profound respect for God, himself, and all others in a spirit of humility and gentleness.
    We believe each student has the capacity to develop his unique God-given gifts to his fullest potential.
    We believe our sacramental celebrations promote the sharing and building of our Christian faith community.
    We believe the student who perseveres in the face of life’s challenges will succeed personally, professionally, and spiritually.
    We believe parents, families, faculty, and other stakeholders work together to incorporate the ideals of caring, trust, and self-respect as we help our students reach and advance their goals.
    We believe our faculty is committed to modeling lifelong learning skills as we prepare students for all post-secondary opportunities through rigorous and engaging 21st-century instruction.
    We believe a willingness to consider, to change, and to implement new ideas, curricula, and technologies is necessary for continuous growth.
    We believe our collaborative community empowers students to become contributing and valued members of a global society.
    We believe that, in an increasingly uncertain world, our core values will endure, providing our students with a sense of stability as they face challenges in the future.
    We believe we will continue our tradition of success: Non Excidet! He shall not fail!
 St. Francis de Sales
 SCHOOL COLORS  Sheridan Red and Columbia Blue
 MOTTO  Non Excidet (He will not Fail)
 MASCOT  Crusader
 YEARBOOK  The Quest
 NEWSPAPER     The Crusader
V + J

The Direction of Intention
My God, I give You this action. Please give me the grace to conduct
myself during it in a manner most pleasing to You.

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.

Alma Mater
Raise up our banner red and blue on high.
Crusaders ever marching on to victory.
We shall never falter till the Quest is won.
Here we stand beneath the Red and the Blue!
All the world behold our triumph reigning.
We of JUDGE forever are prevailing.
Hail Forever, Alma Mater
Let Our Banner Fly!
Father Judge Fight Song
Here's to our Crusaders,
Onward to victory,
We're out to win boys,
Ever loyal - ever loyal we will be.
Here's to our Crusaders,
Onward to victory.
For the Glory of Old Father Judge,
We'll win them all.
For the Glory of Old Father Judge,
We'll win them all.