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Father Brisson Center for Academic Excellence


The Father Brisson Center for Academic Excellence was created with the intention of providing equitable opportunities for Catholic education to students of all ability levels. Students can be scheduled to attend the Father Brisson Center on a daily basis. This program is intended to provide a supportive environment for completion of academic work throughout the day. Full participation with the students, as well as the parents, is necessary to ensure that each student is provided with an opportunity to be as successful as possible.


Features of the Brisson Center include:

  • Enrichment Class: The students are provided with an opportunity to complete school work or study for their assigned class period each day in a supportive environment where at least two teachers are present to provide any additional instruction or encouragement to complete work. 
  • Providing students with explicit instruction in Study Skills: These Study Skills include various strategies that will benefit the student through the duration of his time in high school, as well as his experiences beyond the classroom. Topics will vary based on the demonstrated needs of the students.
  • After School Homework Sessions: There are days each week that the student will not have time to complete assignments due to study skills lessons. To provide the needed time, the student will select one day a week to attend an After School Homework Session. The student is welcome to come more than one day a week to complete homework or study. 
  • Required meetings: The student and the Director of the Fr. Brisson Center meet on a weekly basis to ensure that the student is taking advantage of every opportunity at bettering his high school experience. These "coaching sessions" allow academic, social, or emotional challenges to be discussed and potential solutions considered. 
  • Parent Involvement: Parents are asked to attend regular meetings with the faculty of the Fr. Brisson Center and maintain consistent communication with both the student and his teachers. Parental involvement is considered to be vital to the academic experience of a student.  
  • Academic assistance for all students: In addition to providing assistance for those scheduled in the Fr. Brisson Center, the faculty is available to provide academic supports and help all students at Father Judge High School achieve their academic goals. 
For further information please contact:
Mr. Edward Mullen
Phone: 215-338-9494  x1036
Fax: 215-338-0250
Father Judge High School
3301 Solly Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19136-2396