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President's Message

“Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." – Malcolm Forbes


September, 2023

When translated from Latin to English our school motto, Non Excidet, means “He will not
fail.” No student goes to school with the intent to struggle, and as the President of Father
Judge, I do not intend for any of the young men we serve to have that experience. This motto
that we live by is the cornerstone belief we instill upon the young men we are entrusted to
educate in the likeness of our patron St. Francis de Sales. This fundamental belief and drive to
succeed is why our Salesian Gentlemen leave 3301 Solly Avenue prepared and ready to make
an impact on the world. Every young Crusader has God-given talents, and it is our job to help
each student find those talents and hone them for future success. For nearly 70 years, Father
Judge High School has served as an educational institution in the Philadelphia Region with more
than 28,000 graduates who have gone on to make the world a better place. What makes us
unique as a school is our desire to follow the belief of our patron that every student should
strive to be the best version of themselves, or as our patron stated, “To be who they are and to
be that well.” As a proud graduate of Father Judge and as a father of 3 boys, I understand the
importance of the decisions parents must make each day in the best interest of their sons. That
said, as the leader of this institution, I can confidently state that you will not find a more
committed, capable, mission driven, student-centric Administration, Faculty, and Staff
anywhere in the Archdiocese. While the stress and upheaval of the pandemic lingers in some
ways, please be assured that we continue to work each day to make Father Judge a safe and
encouraging home away from home where our boys can be boys – interact with their
classmates, use their God-given talents and be who they are and be that well.

With Salesian Spirit & Crusader Pride,
BPK signature
Brian Patrick King ‘97 M.Ed.

PS: I am always happy to hear from our parents and guardians. I can be contacted directly at
[email protected].