Admissions » 8th Grade Admissions Process (Class of 2028)

8th Grade Admissions Process (Class of 2028)

Step One:
Submit an online application and start the process by clicking on link - Application Portal
All students applying to Father Judge must submit an application through the Application Portal. Once the application is complete, you will need to continue the Admissions Process by uploading the required documents. When completing an Application, please be sure to choose the 2024-2025 School Year, as that is the school year your son will be entering as a freshman. 
Step Two:
Upload required documents to the Application Portal by clicking on the blue link below 
Required Documents to upload for current 8th Grade Students - Class of 2028
  • Final 7th grade report card and 7th Grade Standardized Test Scores such as Terra Nova, PSSA, STAR
  • 8th grade report card - (to date), additional reporting periods may be requested
  • (If applicable), most recent IEP, Psycho Educational Evaluation or 504 Plan in its entirety, along with any reports which list accommodations, modifications, or supports, that your son may receive.
  • (If applicable), all reports, from outside agencies, (CORA, Elwyn, Catapult, School Districts, etc.), school guidance counselors, as well as pediatrician correspondence 
If you do not have a copy of the required documents, or are unable to obtain through your school's online system, please complete a Request Form, (located at bottom of page), and send to your son's grade school.
Step Three
Apply for FACTS Financial Aid and Assistance
Please click on the blue link below to apply for FACTS Aid & Grant Assessment.
For questions regarding tuition and financial aid, please email Kathie Gibson, Tuition Officer, at [email protected] 
Step Four
Acceptance and Registration
The Admissions Department will reach back out to you by email once the online application has been submitted and the required documents have been received and reviewed. 
Father Judge is selective in its admissions standards. We admit students who we believe are prepared to be successful in a demanding high school environment on a rolling basis. In order to receive more insight on the expectations of high school, students along with their parents or guardians, may be required to have an interview with the Academic Affairs Office.
Admission to Father Judge is based on the following:
Grade school academic achievement, standardized test results, attendance and discipline records
Email [email protected] with any questions about the Admissions Process.