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College Applications and Naviance

All college applications now go through Naviance. It is a system that allows students to compile all the required application materials in one place and then send them out to the colleges directly within the system. All students who wish to attend college will need a Naviance account. The account can be created by the guidance office. The process for completing the Naviance application can be found below. This step-by-step guide has been developed to help all students apply for college and refer back to throughout the application process. 
Link for Naviance: Naviance Link
If you have additional questions or concerns please reach out to the guidance office and your guidance counselor.
  1. If you are applying to more than one college that accepts the Common Application (i.e. Drexel, LaSalle, St. Joe’s, Temple, etc.) you should consider using this to apply.
    • Go to to create a Common Application account.
    • Write down your Email and Password—you will need it for the Naviance system.
    • Complete the Common Application Profile making sure to complete the FERPA waiver; it is advised that you waive your right to view your documents but
    • Students can apply to any Common Application college through this account. A list of colleges that accept the Common Application is on the website.
    • Mrs. Purcell will be holding a Common App Review & Help Forum on Thursdays during 8th period & after school. You must make an appointment in advance!
  2. Log into your Naviance account.
    • In Naviance, open the Colleges tab and the “Colleges I’m Applying to” section
    • Go to the blue box that says “Common App Account Matching”
    • Put in your Common Application Email Address and Birth Date and click on “Match.”
  3. Transcript Requests
Come to the Guidance Office to complete a Transcript Release Form and related paperwork. There is a one-time $4.00 fee for each school to which you are applying. Payments must be made in the tuition office.
  1. First, go to your Naviance account and click on the “About Me” tab
  2. Click on “Survey To Receive Teacher Recommendations” on the left-hand side and answer all questions
  3. Click on “Resume” under “Interesting things about me” and complete
  4. Teachers will be able to view both your survey and your resume, and this will help them write your recommendations
  5. After you have completed your survey & resume, go to “Teacher Recommendations” under “Colleges I’m Applying To” & select the teachers you would like to ask.
    • Select "All applications" so the teachers can write a letter you can use for any college
  6. Although it says “optional,” you must still write a personal note to the teacher.
    • Remind them that your survey & resume are in your Naviance account.
      • A note like this, or something similar, is appropriate: “Dear Mr. ____, Can you please write me a letter of recommendation? My resume & survey are in my Naviance account. Thank you very much!"
        • Don't forget to sign your first and last name!
  7. If you receive a recommendation from a moderator, coach, employer, etc. outside the school, you should print out the resume & survey that you completed on Naviance and give this to them.
    • Bring their completed letter to the Guidance Office, or give them a stamped addressed envelope so they can mail it to us. We will upload their letter into your Naviance account.
Go to the NCAA website – Follow the directions for requesting a high school transcript from Father Judge. You will have to create a Docufide Account which will be explained to you on the website. If you transferred from another high school, you must also request your transcript from that school. Be sure to come to the Guidance Office and complete a Transcript Release Form (there is no fee for this) so that we can send your transcript.
Some Extremely Important Tasks to Complete:
  1. Students must complete the application on the particular college's website or on the common application website before requesting a transcript
    • After clicking submit come to guidance to complete the additional paperwork.
    • No transcript can be sent unless the students complete the paperwork and pay the $4.00 per school fee in tuition. 
    • We will send your SAT scores on your transcript, but this will be done quicker if you request them to be sent to your top choice schools when you register for the SAT
      • You can do four (4) schools for free
      • Any school or agency that requires SAT scores to be sent through CollegeBoard, like Penn State & the NCAA Clearinghouse, should definitely be sent for free at the time you register
        • Do not pay to have scores sent if you do not need to!
    • Remember that additional schools (i,e, Temple, St. Joe's, etc.) have gone SAAT optional, but it is your responsibility to let the college know whether or not you want your scores to be considered
    • Please allow 7 - 14 school days from the time your paperwork is completed for transcript requests, counselor, and teacher recommendations to be sent
      • This means watch your deadlines!