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Career and Trade Information

Father Judge recognizes that college is not for every student. It also recognizes the need and prestige of joining the workforce directly after high school graduation as well as attending one of the many military academies. This page is designed to provide parents and students with some general contact information for some of the apprenticeship programs as well as the contact information for the various armed forces. If your son has additional questions about joining an apprenticeship program or the military they can always request to meet with their guidance counselor. They will be able to provide more detailed information as well as put your son in contact with the appropriate person to explore this option.
You can go to and explore all the apprenticeships that are available.
Below is a list of the Area Trade Schools:
Art Institute of Philadelphia  215-567-7080
 CHI Institute  215-357-5100
 Computer Learning Center  215-969-2720
 Lincoln Technical Institute  609-665-3010
 Orleans Technical Institute  215-728-4700
 The Restaurant School  215-222-4200
 Williamson Free Trade School  610-566-1776
Below is a list of the Local Unions:
Carpenters Union(Apprentice School)  215-824-2300
 Cement Masons Union (Local #592)  215-468-0238
 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (Local #98)  215-567-6405
 Plumbers Union (Local #690)  215-677-6900
 Sheet Metal Workers (Local #19)  215-952-1999
 Steamfitters (Local #420)  215-671-1692
 Teamsters (Local #929)
(Local # 115)
If you need more information please request a meeting with your guidance counselor. 
We continue to frequently host military recruiters for those interested in enlisting. If you want more information about enlisting please see the information below:
U.S. Army Recruiter
2383 Cottman Ave.
Phila PA 19149
U.S. Navy Recruiter
2363 Cottman Ave
Phila PA 19149
U.S. Marines Corps Recruiting Office
2383 Cottman Ave
Phila PA 19149
338-1506 338-1475
U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Office
7567 Havorford Ave
Phila PA 19151
(800)Get-USCG (800)438-8724