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Sophomore Information

If you haven’t already done so—get organized, develop good study habits, set personal goals, and maintain a balance between academics and relaxation.

Considering college after graduation? Academics are crucial! Many students think at this point that they still have lots of time to bring grades up. The reality is you do not. When you apply to a college or trade school you do so at the beginning of Senior year. This means that schools will be looking at your cumulative GPA and Rank as of the end of Junior Year! Your Sophomore grades can make or break where you stand academically at the end of Junior Year.
Even if you are not sure what you want to do after high school you do want to keep as many doors open as possible. Remember your Sophomore grades will be on your transcript and you will almost certainly need this transcript for either entrance into a college or trade school or to get into the Union or get a job. Your lates and absences are on this transcript. Would you want to hire someone who has missed 10 or 20 days a year and has been frequently late?

Prepare for standardized tests. You will take the PSAT in October. Review and use the results when they are returned to you. The results will include all of the questions, what the correct answer is, and what your answer was. You will be given the test booklet back as well so you can refer to the actual questions. The results also include your specific strengths and weaknesses Use these results to prepare for next year’s PSAT and SATs. You will take both Junior Year!

Participate in school & community activities. If you have a particular career interest consider looking for a job or volunteer work relative to this area. Be careful when selecting courses! Certain courses will help you achieve certain goals. For example, most colleges recommend at least 2 years of a foreign language; more competitive schools 3 or 4, and four years of science and math. If you want to major in Business many colleges (i.e. Penn State) require Trigonometry. Review your choices with your parents and counselor.