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Curriculum & Policies » Freshmen Course Placement

Freshmen Course Placement

Welcome to Father Judge High School!
Incoming freshmen are placed in classes according to the following data:
  1. Average of 7th grade marks.
  2. Average of 8th grade, first trimester grades.
  3. Composite score of Terra Nova scores from 7th grade.
  4.  Composite score from the High School Placement Test (HSPT).

All four averages are combined to get a composite score and freshmen are ranked in relation to all the other incoming freshmen.  The two highest ranked sections of students are placed in the Honors Program (H).  The remaining students are placed in College Preparation courses. Students who need additional support in Math and Science may be placed in Academic courses for those two subjects.  This method has historically worked very well for the students at Father Judge.  It allows us to use a wide variety of grades given by a variety of elementary teachers over two academic years.  Therefore, changes cannot be made to Freshmen schedules.  AFTER Freshman year a student may move in or out of Honors, College Prep, or Academic groupings based on their performance in a class.  The teachers make this recommendation in consultation with the department chairs.  For parents who are familiar with “tracking”, this system is no longer in place at any of the Archdiocesan High Schools.  

For additional information about Academic policies and procedures, please review the Course Catalog on the FJ website.  Below is a quick reminder of our course requirements.  We look forward to seeing you on August 31st!

Course Requirements

Freshmen and Sophomores take 7 courses per year.  Juniors and Seniors take 6-7 courses per year.

English 1  English 2 English 3 English 4
World History    US Government US History Elective (Social Studies)
Theology 1  Theology 2 Theology 3  Theology 4
Algebra 1   Algebra 2 Geometry Elective (Math)
Physics for 9   Chemistry Biology Elective (Science)
PE/Health Foreign Language Elective  Elective 
Foreign Language  Fine Art (½)  Elective Elective
OR Google Tools (½)    
Critical Thinking