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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses - Important Considerations for Selecting and Completing an AP Class
-- Please read carefully.

Serious consideration should be given to applying for and taking an AP course. These courses are rigorous, college level classes. Students who apply for and are accepted take on additional academic and financial responsibilities (College Board test fee). These courses have a highly competitive application process and enhanced coursework requirements including a pre-course, summer assignment. Higher quality points are given to students who take AP courses and colleges weigh these courses heavily when making admission's decisions. There is a Spring AP test that MUST be paid for and taken by the student as part of his tuition fees. If the AP test is not taken, regular quality points will be assigned for the class and the student's record will reflect a non-AP, high school (track 2) class. If the test is not taken, Quality points will be adjusted accordingly and the application college will be informed of the change.

Once a student applies for and is accepted into an AP class, he cannot drop the class.

Of the 2500 secondary schools in the nation, less than 25% of the schools participate in offering an Advanced Placement Program. We are very proud that our school is able to offer this program and that our students traditionally have a higher than average success rate in our AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

Students taking Advanced Placement courses take a college-level exam in the springtime which may allow the student to earn college credit, advanced placement in college or both college credit and advanced placement in college.
To learn more about Advanced Placement program, visit College Board Online by clicking on the image below.