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Automotive Co-Op Program

The purpose of a Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program is to allow students to combine academic classroom instruction (school-based learning component) of theory and lab work with occupational instruction through learning on the job (work-based learning component) while being paid to complete tasks and workloads for the cooperative company. Overall, we use the Co-Op program as a way for students to begin to learn how to interact, understand, and work with co-workers and employers to improve their overall level of mastery of the hands-on application of academic instruction while simultaneously learning how to work in the real world.
We are very excited to have partnered with the Faulkner Automotive Family and allow our students to work with real mechanics, in the field, at many of the Faulkner automotive dealerships. Our students will work with certified automotive mechanics, who are trained mentors, to complete rigorous training and certification with the end goal of having them fully prepared to enter the workforce as a trained, and certified, automotive mechanic. 
Below you will find the generalized Co-Op program that will be followed by the students who are selected to participate.