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Diocesan Scholar Program

The Office of Catholic Education, in cooperation with the eleven Catholic colleges/universities in the area, offers the opportunity for selected students to take two courses each semester of senior year on the campus of a nearby participating institute. Through this program and classes taken, students earn college credit in addition to traditional high school credit weighted at the AP level. At the end of each semester, an official college transcript of credits and grades will be available to the student. The participating scholars will be guests of the college/university; no tuition will be assessed. Courses offered are designated by the participating college/university.

The top 30 juniors are invited to apply for the program in February/March each year. Student applicants should have a high GPA, teacher recommendations, and a composite PSAT/SAT score of 1000 or higher. A teacher selection committee will choose seven students from these top thirty students to be named Diocesan Scholars for the school year. The finalists’ names are sent to the Office of Catholic Education, which will review all applications and assign students to one of the associated colleges.