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Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Students,


I am honored to be the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (APAA). I have been a proud member of the Father Judge Community since 2003, working in various capacities, including Science teacher, instructional coach, technology trainer, and Science Department Chair. Understanding that education should happen inside and outside the classroom, I have also acted as the moderator of several clubs, including the yearbook, students in action team, and marine biology club. Additionally, I have served on several Father Judge and Diocesan committees, actively nurturing the development of our academic programs and leading initiatives focused on improving student performance and expanding STEM educational experiences.


My vision as APAA is to create a culture of collaborative growth and success. As a leader, I embrace communication and collaboration and strive to maintain an open door and mind. I believe my role as APAA is to collaborate with all stakeholders, especially families, to inspire and champion our students’ success by maintaining high expectations, balancing support and accountability, and instilling in our students the ownership of their academic achievements and future.


The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for all matters related to academics, including grades, instruction, and curriculum. Its purpose is to develop and maintain a comprehensive educational program using student data, interest, and need to drive decision-making. I will work with the faculty, staff, and academic support team to assist students in achieving their maximum potential and foster a lifelong love of learning. In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs manages progress reports and report cards, academic integrity, academic contracts, course selection, and rosters.


Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Together with the faculty and staff, we collaborate in supporting your son’s academic achievement and success. I believe that the young men of Father Judge are capable of great things, and I hope that in working together, we can foster in them the confidence, talent, and passion for making a tremendous impact in the world.


In Salesian Spirit and Crusader Pride,


 Joy Kots, M.Ed.