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Each school day on the calendar has two letters on the date: Group A or Group B.  Please note that your son's roster of either Group A or Group B determines which day on the calendar he will attend school in person. The second letter is the test day cycle (a 5 day cycle A,B,C,D or E) which determines when teachers will conduct their exams by department so that students will not have multiple exams on the same day in school.  
As an example, let's look at Friday, September 18, 2020 on the calendar.  It is listed as a Group B - D Day.  All students with a Group B roster go to school at Father Judge in person that day.  All Group A roster students are home for a virtual day of learning.  It is for teachers and all students a D Day for the test cycle.  If you look at the next school day, it is Monday, September 21, 2020, listed as Group A - E Day.  That means all Group A roster students are in school and all Group B roster students are at home for a virtual day of learning.  The test cycle day is E Day.  Taking it to the next day, September 22, 2020, it is a Group B - A Day.  You will notice that the test cycle day simply repeats every five school days throughout the school year.  
Please note that we are continuing to look far ahead on the calendar to make sure that we can plan in detail for important events like Ring Mass, Mother-Son Dance, Class Masses, retreats and other important religious services we traditionally conduct during the school year.  The administration and Father DiMauro are working closely together to plan ahead for these events and will release details when we get more information.  We will continue to base our planning from the latest CDC and state and local guidelines to ensure we are in compliance with safety protocols, particularly the restrictions on the number of people permitted at large gatherings like Mass or school assemblies we have had in the past.  Prom dates and details will be announced as soon as we can accurately determine the limitations for crowd size under the pandemic guidelines from the state and local authorities.  We anticipate that may change more than once over the course of this school year, so we ask for your patience as that process is refined and we complete our planning.  As of this date, we have set Baccalaureate Mass for June 8, 2020 and Commencement for June 9, 2020.  The details and format for each of those important events for seniors and their families will be released later in the school year and will be based on the existing pandemic and safety guidelines set by state and local authorities.  We thank you for your support and prayers as we find creative ways to plan for the traditional events cherished by our students and families in a time of some uncertainty.