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Office of Student Life

Office for Student Life
Mr. Michael Campellone Assistant Principal, Student Affairs
Mr. Timothy Dailey
Assistant Principal, Student Services/
Dean of Students
Mrs. Anne Marie Bertoline Office Manager
x1128 amariebertoline@fatherjudge.com



When a student is absent, a parent or guardian must call the school before 8:00 AM.  Please dial 215-338-9494, press the # 1 key, clearly state the student's name, grade level and reason for absence and the name and relationship of the caller. A voicemail may be left at anytime in the evening or early morning with the Office for Student Life (x1128) if a student knows he will be absent the following day. Any official, date-stamped doctor's notes must be received by the Office for Student Life within 1 week of the student's absence in order for it to be added to their attendance record. 

Detention (JUG)
Students who receive a detention slip for any infraction must report the next school day (24 hour notice policy) to Room 133 for detention (JUG). JUG will be held Monday-Friday from 7:15 AM to 7:50 AM. There is no working off any detention regardless of the infraction. *When necessary JUG will be in the auditorium.
Please note the following policy documents and links below. All parents and students must read and sign the handbook, and by doing so acknowledge that they will adhere and follow them.
School Uniform
Students are to wear the full uniform (depending on the season) everyday during the school year unless notified of a change(dress down day, etc.).
Every student must wear the official FJHS school shoe, please make sure that he is wearing it properly. The shoe MAY NOT BE ALTERED in any way. The shoe may not be worn as a slipper, clog, slide etc. If a student is found to have damaged or altered his school shoe he will be issued a level 3 detention (2 point deduction from conduct and 5 days of detention), his parents will be called, and he will not be able to return to school until a new, undamaged, unaltered pair of Official FJHS shoes is purchased with a receipt.