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Office of Student Life

Office for Student Life
Shane Dougherty Assistant Principal, Student Affairs
Timothy Dailey
Assistant Principal, Student Services/
Dean of Students
Anne Marie Bertoline Assistant of Student Affairs


When a student is absent, a parent or guardian must call the school before 8:00 AM. Please dial 215-338-9494, press the # 1 key, clearly state the student's name, spelling of the last name, the reason for absence, and the name and relationship of the caller. If a student knows he will be absent the following day, a voicemail can be left on the absentee line at any time the night before as well. Any official, date-stamped doctor's note must be received by the Office for Student Life within one week of the student's absence in order for a student's attendance record to be amended.  Please note that all absences are considered unexcused unless validated by Administration.

Detention (JUG)
Students who receive a detention slip for any infraction must report the next school day (24-hour notice policy) to Room 133 for detention (JUG).  Morning detention will be held Monday-Friday from 7:15 AM to 7:50 AM.  There is no working off any detention regardless of the infraction.  When necessary, detention will be held in the Auditorium.
Students enter the school building via the cafeteria doors, check in with the cafeteria moderator, go straight to their lockers to place their school bags, phones, and all electronics in their lockers and then immediately respond to Room 133 by 7:15 AM in full uniform.  Phones, food, and drink are all forbidden in detention.  Students may use Chromebooks for educational purposes only.
Late Policy
Students are expected to be in their seat in class when the day begins. Students who arrive late for Homeroom (or a morning assembly) or after 1st period must get a late pass from the Student Services Office.  There is no working off the morning detention for being late to school.  Each student will only receive morning detention and have conduct points deducted when he has been late for the 3rd time.  Please note, a 1st or 2nd late will NOT be excused --all student lateness will be recorded and will be cumulative, including the 1st and 2nd days late.  Any student who is late, the following is in effect:
First late is recorded on student attendance record, no detention, no conduct deduction
Second is recorded on student attendance record, no detention, no conduct deduction
Third late and beyond = detention and conduct point deductions
School Uniform
Students are to wear the full uniform (depending on the season) everyday during the school year unless notified of a change (dress down day, etc.). Please be aware that their school ID is part of their uniform and will need to be worn every day; this includes Dress Down Days or days with Special Schedules.
Students must wear the official FJHS school shoe.  The school shoe is the Nunn Bush Bleeker Street dress shoe in black. Students must wear the shoes properly. The shoe may not be altered in any way. 
For forms for Early Dismissal and/or Vacation, please go to Parents/Forms.
For any questions, or clarifications on student policy, please refer to our Student Handbook (Current Students/Student Handbook).
Visit fatherjudge.com daily for the most up-to-date information.