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Welding Co-Op Program

Father Judge works closely with PTR Baler & Compactor, SEABOX, and DelVal Lifecycle Support to choose students who are ready to work while still attending High School. These students' welds are tested by the company to ensure they are "work ready" while ensuring that they are mentally and physically ready to join the workforce. Students have the option to attend a Co-Op program during the school year as well as throughout the summer.
  • Increased student engagement
  • High attendance rates
  • Reduces lateness rates
  • High graduation rates
  • Creates role models for underclassmen
  • Builds self esteem
  • Develops social skills
  • Develops communication skills
  • Develops personal responsibility
  • Develops civic responsibility
  • Prepares students for real-world experiences
  • Provides an opportunity to demonstrate skills in a professional environment
  • Affords "Hands-On" training opportunities
  • Provides financial compensation for work
  • Develops financial responsibility
Students who attend a Co-Op during the Summer must:
  • Students must complete the Co-Op Progam
  • Students cannot fail any classes for the year
  • Students cannot have failed conduct for the year
  • Students cannot have failed attendance for the year
  • Students cannot have more than five (5) absences & lates for the year
  • Students must pass the company welding certification test
Students who attend a Co-Op during the School Year must:
  • Maintain a 75 or above average
  • Cannot be absent or late more than five (5) times during the year
  • Cannot have below a 90 in conduct
  • If you are absent from school, you cannot attend your Co-Op
  • You are responsible for all the missing work from your classes
  • All missed tests or quizzes must be made up within 48 hours of the assigned date