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Parents' Page

The counselors in the Guidance Office, and the students that they are responsible for, are as follows:

Mrs. Michele V. Purcell
Seniors and Juniors
x1023     [email protected]
Ms. Kate Barker, CORA Program
Sophomore Counselor
xTBD    [email protected]

Ms. Rachel Daly, CORA Program
Freshmen Counselor
xTBD    [email protected]

Social Worker
Mrs. Autumn Donahue
xTBD    [email protected]

Brother Jim Williams: “Live Today Well” Program-- Students all grades; Transfers
x1028      [email protected]

Father Judge High School Guidance Department

Dear Parents of the Class of 2022:


Welcome to Senior Year!  For many of you this is old hat.  However, for just as many this is brand new.  We in the Guidance Office are committed to helping you and your sons through the next year in as best a manner as possible.


Your son has six major options available to him upon graduation: 1.  Entering a four-year college.

  1. Entering a 2-year or community college. 3.  Entering a trade or technical school.  4.  Enlisting in the military.  5.  Joining an apprenticeship.  6.  Entering the world of full time employment.


Our Guidance Office has information about all these options available to your son.  There are books, computer programs, numbers to call, addresses to E-mail, Internet sites, and so on.  You and your son are always welcome to examine these options.  If your son is unsure about what option is the best for him, we will work with him to try and identify this as well.


If your son is applying to colleges (2 or 4 year) or trade schools, there is a procedure that he will be asked to follow to ensure that his application process goes as smoothly as possible.  The following points listed below will be introduced to your son in the Senior Guidance Assembly, and are also being distributed to him during his Senior Interview along with additional information regarding a variety of topics.  We invite you to review these points with your son.  Please note that Senior Interviews are being conducted thru December.   Your son may come into the Guidance Office at any time to schedule his, and his counselor will then be calling him down in a matter of days.


Please feel free to call any of the counselors with questions at any time throughout the year, and have  a great year!


Points to follow:


One of the first things you should do is begin getting your Teacher Recommendations so thatthey are completed by the time you turn in your applications.  Plan on getting at least 3 recommendations.  We process recommendations through our Naviance system. You need to click on the “About Me” tab in your Naviance account, click on “Survey To Receive Teacher Recommendations” on the left, and complete the questions. You should also click on “Resume” and complete your Resume here. Teachers will be able to view both your resume & your survey, and this will help them write you recommendations. AFTER you have completed your resume & survey, go to “Letters of Recommendation” under “Colleges” tab & click on the blue “Add Request” button. Use the drop down box to select the teacher you would like to ask.  You will have to have some colleges listed under the “Colleges I Am Applying To “ tab—click on “Request Transcripts” to list the ones in which you are interested.  It is okay to list colleges and decide not to apply to them later. Then write a short personal note to the teacher. Remind them that your resume & survey are in your Naviance account. Also, see the teachers directly (either before or after you send the emails) to follow up. Remember, teachers get swamped with requests so be courteous! Give them plenty of time to turn their letter in! Once the teachers complete their letters, we will upload them into your Naviance account so they can be sent with your transcripts after you apply. You are not permitted to read these letters unless the teacher gives his or her written consent. Also, you may wish to get recommendations from a coach, employer, activities moderator, or someone else who knows you well. This is fine, but ask them if you can bring it into the Guidance office yourself, or ask them to email it or mail it to the Guidance office (give them a stamped addressed envelope!) if they prefer, so that it may be uploaded for you. You should give them a copy of your survey and resume as well. Be sure to write thank you notes to all those who do this favor for you.


 Your next step is to work on the applications themselves. You may choose to do this on paper but the preferred method is on-line. You can do a number of applications through the Common Application if you choose. Go to www.commonapp.org to set up an account.  A list of colleges that accept the Common Application is on the website. Your should then log into your Naviance account, go to the “Colleges I’m Applying To” section, and match your Naviance & Common Application accounts by clicking on the Common App Account Matching button. You will need your common app email address to do this. If a school does not accept the common app, you just need to apply through the school’s website. Either way, you MUST come into the Guidance office to complete a Transcript Release Form! The processing fee for each application is $4.00. If any parts of your application need to be mailed, we will provide the stamps & an 8x10 Father Judge envelope. The processing fee can be paid by cash or check (written out to Father Judge.) The Guidance Office will then complete our reports and will send them along with your transcripts and Letters of Recommendation. If you are applying on-line we STRONGLY encourage you to have Mrs. Purcell review your application before you send it!  This is MANDATORY if you are using the Common App!  You can review your application in the Guidance Office with your counselor & there will be a Common App Review every Thursday by appointment after school. Judge English teachers are always willing to critique college essays as well so take advantage of this! The processing of applications, whether on paper or on-line, is a time consuming process. Please pay attention to deadlines & allow 7-14 days for your counselor to review, prepare, and mail your material. REMEMBER: If applying on-line you must actually SUBMIT your application     BEFORE you come in to request a transcript! Please do not request a transcript if you have not yet pushed the SUBMIT button on you computer! 


Visiting a college or a trade school is the best way to know if it is right for you.  We recommend that you use school holidays and weekends to make visits. You should also consider attending Open Houses. The school’s web page is the best place to get dates for Open Houses. The Guidance Office will put notices in the announcements when possible and this is a useful link also: https://www.njsca.org/pa-open-houses


We will list scholarships on Naviance under “Scholarship Lists” as they come in the mail. These will have Trade School scholarships as well as College Scholarships. Review these carefully for scholarship opportunities.  Not every one will be right for you, but many will.  Be sure to follow the guidelines, and adhere to the deadlines.  When you want more information about a scholarship, come to Guidance and use the name in Naviance to identify what scholarships you are interested in.  There is a cabinet in Guidance that contains all this information.  You are strongly encouraged to look for scholarships on your own as well.  There are several books in Guidance, as well as several Internet addresses, that you may use; a great place to start is fastweb.com and www.unigo.com. Check into veteran, religious, civic, and ethnic organizations as well as government agencies and your parents’ employers.
 As soon after October 1st, 2021, as possible you and your parents should complete the Free

Application For Federal Student Aid (FASFA).  It is strongly recommended that you complete the FAFSA on-line at www .fafsa.ed.gov.  You will be using your 2020 tax returns and using the 2022-2023 FAFSA. You should see an IRS Data Retrieval link which will populate your tax data into the FAFSA form. It is free to complete the FAFSA, so if you are on a web site that is charging you, you are on the wrong site (there are scams out there).  If you are filling the FAFSA out on-line, you can complete an on-line worksheet first in order to assist with the process.  These worksheets will also be in the Guidance Office. If you have questions when filling out the forms, you can call 1-800-4-FED-AID.  We also strongly recommend calling the Financial Aid Office at the school you are interested in for the best answers to your questions.  Remember that some Financial Aid Packages are negotiable as well.  If you are not satisfied with your package, you may wish to call that school and ask to speak with your Financial Aid Officer personally with the intention of improving your package. 


It is extremely important that you bring copies of ALL your acceptance letters, and ALL

your financial aid package letters, into the Guidance Office.  A common mistake that seniors often make is to only bring in acceptance and financial aid letters from the school that they plan to attend. Please bring in all your letters even if you do not think you received any aid.  We print all scholarships and grants at graduation, and we do not want to miss anyone!  In May, the Guidance Office will distribute forms asking you to fill out where you want your Final Transcript to go.  This includes your final choice of a college, trade school, military branch, or apprenticeship.  There is no charge for sending out Final Transcripts.

If you have any questions at all about this process, please do not hesitate to come into Guidance. Feel free to make an appointment with your counselor at any time as well whether it is for your Senior Interview, or it is regarding any personal issues or concerns you may have.  Please remember that you are also welcome to a SECOND Senior Interview; however, you need to request a second interview, as these are not automatically done for the entire class.  This time in your life can be very stressful, not only educationally but personally as well.  Your counselors are here to listen to you and to help as much as possible!




College Recommendation


Most colleges, universities, and trade schools ask that guidance counselors write recommendations that are personal and individualized regarding the student applicants.  To this end, we invite you to provide us with information about your son, that we may not know or he may not be likely to tell us, so that we can write the best recommendation possible.  Please feel free to use a second sheet of paper for your comments if necessary.

You may return this to the Guidance Office at your convenience, but please try to do so before (or at the same time) your son turns in his applications to be reviewed. Thanks for your assistance!



Name of Student:__________________________________________________Section:_______




  1. What do you consider to be the outstanding accomplishments of your son during the past 3 or 4 years? Why did you select these as most important?








  1. In what areas has your son shown the most development and growth during the past 3 or 4 years?






  1. If you had to describe your son in 5 adjectives, what would they be? Which of these do you consider to be most outstanding?






  1. Are there any unusual or personal circumstances which have affected your son’s educational experiences or personal experiences?







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