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Knights Program

The Knights Program is unique to Father Judge High School. Traditionally, Knights are considered to personify the qualities of courage, faithfulness, honor, humility, chivalry, and courtesy. Thus, it is the intention of the Knights Program that students involved in this program both contain and aspire to reach these qualities.
This program is intended to assist students through the transition into high school experience. Limited to fifteen students in each freshman class, the academic pace is slightly modified in order to support the academic needs of the individuals. The selection of appropriate students is based on several criteria, including standardized test scores and elementary school grades. 
Essential features of the program include: 
  • Mandatory attendance at the Summer Acceleration (Bridge) Program: This summer program is intended to provide additional academic exposure (Math, Reading, and Study Skills); familiarity with the Father Judge environment; introduction to expectations of teachers; and an opportunity to meet future classmates. It is held late June and July. 
  • Critical Thinking Course: The Knights students do not take a foreign language their freshman year. Instead, these students are enrolled into an additional reading class, titled "Critical Thinking", which is offered through collaboration with Cora Services, Inc. 
  • Knights Courses: Given the modified pace of the classes in this program, the courses are designated Knights Courses. At the completion of their freshman year, these students are then moved to the appropriate placement based on their performance in all classes except for Algebra. In order to effectively support the students in their first years of high school math, the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 classes are combined and spread across two years. It is essential that these students remain together for two years to ensure they have all received instructions on essential algebraic skills. 
  • Enrichment Class: The Knights students are scheduled to attend the Fr. Brisson Center one period a day. During this time, students are provided with the opportunity to complete assignments and study in a supportive environment where faculty are readily available to provide assistance if needed. In addition, the students are explicitly instructed in various study skills and strategies. 
  • Extracurricular Activity: It is the expectation that students in the Knights program participate in at least one extracurricular activity in order to allow him the opportunity to fully experience all that Father Judge has to offer. 
  • Faculty and Staff: The Knights program utilizes a "team approach" to support the students throughout the year. This includes consistent collaboration among teachers in the Knights program to ensure that each student is provided with the support he needs to be successful in each class. 
  • Tutoring: Assistance with specific course material is available at specific times during the day and after school.