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Academic Updates

It is time for the course selection process!  This message contains information pertaining to the process.  First, here is the schedule we plan to follow:

1.  Group changes (February 12 - 26)
2.  Freshmen assemblies on process (February 16)
3.  AP applications (February 20-23)
3.  Sophomore and Junior meetings in Theology class week of February 26-March 2)
4.  Course selection on Power School for students (March 5 - 9) tentative
Course Requirements
In an effort to better prepare our students for post-secondary studies, rising Juniors and Seniors will be required to take 7 classes each year.  Study Hall will no longer available to students.  Eleven (11) new electives are being offered for the 2018-19 school year including: H. Environmental Engineering, Forensic Science, Personal Fitness, Personal Nutrition, Public Speaking, Film History, H. Calculus, Graphic Design, 2D Drawing (Animation), AP Psychology, and AP World History (incoming freshmen).  Please see the course catalog for details.
Academic Grouping 
The groupings are as follows:
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Honors
  • College Prep
  • Academic* 
*Academic group is only in Math and Science classes
Group changes  
Teachers have been meeting with students to recommend moving into a different grouping if necessary.  Teachers have been asked to communicate a potential move with the parents as well.  The policy for group changes has been a cumulative grade (Semester 1) of approximately 94 or above for moving up a group and approximately 74 or below for dropping a group.  However, additional factors may apply, such as available space, student motivation, and quality of student work.  
Course Selection in Power School
Course selection must be completed in Power School.  The process will tentatively be open March 5 and end on March 9.  There is no advantage to filling out the course selection on March 5 rather than March 9.  Power School is blind as to when the selection are submitted.  
  • Current freshmen have no choice in the course selection process.  The boxes on the course selection form will be checked and grayed out, indicating required courses.  Current freshmen will take 7 classes as sophomores.  
  • Current sophomores have 5 required courses and 2 elective choice as juniors.  Seven (7) courses are required.  Students must check 2 elective course from the list on the course selection sheet.  Students should list alternate courses as well.  If students do not list an alternate elective, the academic affairs office will choose a class for the student.
  • Current juniors have 2 required courses and 5 elective choices as seniors.  Seven (7) courses are required.  Students must check 5 elective courses from the list on the course selection sheet.  At least 1 of the courses must be in Math, Science, or Social Studies.  Students who do not take either 4 years of math OR 4 years of science OR 3 years of a world language MUST take a 4th year of Social Studies-Comparative Government.  Students should list alternate courses as well.  If students do not list an alternate elective, the academic affairs office will choose a class for the student.
Course Approval
Students interested in Advanced Placement courses and specialized courses must apply with a Course Approval Form (located with their teacher or in the Main Office) to the specific Department Chair.  Final approval is determined by the Department Chair and the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs. In addition, students enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses are required to:
  1. Complete Advanced Placement summer assignment(s).
  2. Take the Advanced Placement Examination as prepared by College Board. The cost of each exam, determined by College Board, is the responsibility of the student. The approximate cost for each exam as of May 2018 is $99.
Finishing Trades Institute (Juniors and Seniors)
Father Judge is in partnership with the Finishing Trades Institute.  The purpose of the program is to educate juniors and seniors who are possibly interested in entering a trade program after graduating from Father Judge.  The internship program is used as a stepping stone for students to progress from classroom to potential Apprentices or Industrial Workers.  This internship is a 1 to 2 year program where students participate once a week for fifteen weeks.  During the 2018-19 school year students enrolled in program would take a full roster of Judge classes.  During the fifteen weekly meetings, students would not report to Judge once a week, and would attend sessions at Finishing Trades Institute on 2190 Hornig Road just off of Roosevelt Blvd in Northeast Philadelphia.  Father Judge would not provide any transportation to or from FTI.  Upon successful completion of the VIP program, students receive 9 transferable college credits (3 in health and safety, 3 in environmental science and 3 in communication).  Students also receive a certificate that will serve as recognized experience when applying to apprenticeship programs.  Selected Juniors and Seniors attend classes. Applications will be available in late March.  
Manor College Business classes on the FJ campus (Juniors and Seniors)
Father Judge is in a partnership with Manor College.  This year Manor College offered 2 college courses (Introduction to Business and Principles of Marketing) for Seniors on the FJ campus.  Students earned dual enrollment credit (credit on their Father Judge report card/transcript and 3 credits per course from Manor College).  The program is being expanded for the 2018-19 school year to Juniors and Seniors.  Applications will be made available to students in the next two weeks.  An additional fee is required for this program.
Course Catalog
Course offerings, graduation checklist, academic policies, and additional information can be found in the FJ Course Catalog.  It can be found on the FJ website under Academics and Resources.  The 2018-19 catalog is currently available.