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8th Grade Admissions Process

Welcome To Father Judge High School
What Is The Timeline For The Admissions Process
Father Judge is selective in its admissions standards.  Entering high school means starting down the path to tougher academics.  We admit students who we believe are prepared to be successful in a demanding high school environment  on a rolling basis, which means we review your son’s completed application (must be completed online) and elementary school grades as soon as we receive each.  We then mail offers of admission within approximately two weeks.  We encourage your son to apply early as some students may be required to schedule an admissions interview based on the request of a Father Judge High School administrator.
Admission to Father Judge is based on the following:
  • Mandatory entrance test scores 
  • Previous grade school academic achievement
  • Previous grade school standardized test results
  • Grade school attendance and discipline records
Required Documents:
  • Father Judge Class of 2023 Online Application for Admission Click Here
  • Final 7th grade report card
  • Most up-to-date 8th grade report card – this must be sent by the parent/guardian (it is not sent by the grade school)
  • Most recent grade school standardized test results
  • Most recent IEP, Psycho Educational Evaluation or 504 Plan in its entirety (if applicable)
  • If your son currently receives any modified/accommodated curriculum, his current grade school must email a letter describing those modifications/accommodations in detail (if applicable)