Educating the minds and souls of our students in the spirit of the gentleman saint, St. Francis de Sales

Welcome from the Assistant Principal for Student Services

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Student Services.  As Assistant Principal of the Student Services Office, I strive to provide a safe and secure school environment and insist on an atmosphere of respect, honor and integrity.  My goal is to implement our Code of Conduct in a fair and consistent manner and utilize different behavior modifications to give students the tools to be successful.  My hope is to help our young men build character and develop into Salesian gentlemen.

The building blocks for our students to grow into Salesian gentlemen are referred to as the Salesian Seven.  I expect that our students respect themselves and others, recognize their talents, be patient and gentle as they go through their day, be grateful and appreciate all they have, and be positive and confident in themselves and in life.

The members of the Student Services Office are committed and work extremely hard to ensure that the goals and expectations I stated earlier are realized.  Parents and students should feel welcome to contact any member of the Student Services team if they need more information or assistance.

As you navigate the links to the left, they will explain more of the services and support that are available to our students.  Thank you for making the commitment and choosing Catholic Education.


Edward J. Harrington

3301 Solly Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136 | 215.338.9494