Educating the minds and souls of our students in the spirit of the gentleman saint, St. Francis de Sales

Overview / Staff

Charles Huckel '66
Director of Development
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Robin Nolan
Director of the Annual Fund 
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Kevin Huckel '99
Director of Alumni Relations 
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Megan Klose
Administrative Assistant
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Crusader Campaign Gifts

  • The Father Thomas Judge Society - ($10,000 or more)
  • St. Francis de Sales Club -($2,500-$9,999)
  • President's Club - ($1,000-$2,499)
  • Principal's Club - ($500 - $999)
  • Crusader Club - ($100 - $499)
  • Red & Blue Club - (Gifts up to $100)



What is Annual Giving?

An example of Annual Giving is the Annual Crusader Campaign. This campaign allows alumni, parents, and friends of Father Judge to contribute during the year to make up the difference between the tuition charged and the actual cost of educating a Father Judge student.

Where do Annual Giving monies go?

Your Gift to the annual Crusader Campaign is used where it can help the students the most.
Your unrestricted gift might be used to support needs of the library one year and to provide students with new state-of-the-art technology the next. Overall, it allows Father Judge to maintain a strong curriculum and an efficient school facility. Annual gifts ensure the financial strength of Father Judge High School.

Who benefits from my annual gift?

Every Judge student receives the benefit of your generosity.


What is Capital Giving?

Capital Giving is used to support a major, multi-year commitment to renew our facility for future students.
Gifts to a Capital Giving Campaign will be sought during a set period of time to meet challenging and specific goals. These gifts provide the monies necessary to renovate the existing facility or to build an endowment for future needs of the school.

Who benefits from Capital Giving?

All Father Judge students, present and future, our most precious resource, will benefit from your investment in the school.


What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is a gift given in any amount and for any purpose--current operations, capital campaign campaign or endowment--in which the donor makes the gift in light of personal, estate or financial planning considerations.
Bequests, gift annuities, life insurance benefits, charitable remainder trusts and gifts of appreciated securities are all examples of planned gifts. Such gifts can in some circumstances, maintain or increase your annual income, provide significant tax deductions and avoid capital gains taxes while still supporting Father Judge.

Who benefits from my Planned Giving?

Father Judge will be able to continue its mission of providing a sound Catholic education for the young men of Philadelphia as a result of your planned giving.

Which Method of Giving is More Important?

All forms of giving are important. Present students need the operating support which can only come from Annual Giving. Future students will need efficient facilities in order for Judge to build on its sound traditions of academic scholarship and athletic success.


Matching Gifts

If you are employed by a company which has a Matching Gift Program, you can double or triple your gift to Father Judge. Contact your employer's Human Resource Department and request a matching gift form. Complete the form and send it along with your gift to the attention of the Development Office at Father Judge. The Development Office will then process the form to secure your employer's matching gift. This is a wonderful way to increase your gift to the school.

Tributes and Memorials

You can honor or memorialize a special person or event by providing scholarships or awards to Father Judge students. A formal presentation will be made to the students advising them of your gift.


There are many ways to give of your time and talent to Father Judge High School.  Our sports teams and extracurricular activities programs are always looking for coaches, mentors and special events coordinators.  Contact Megan Klose for more information:

For more information, please contact:

Charles "Huck" Huckel '66
Director of Develeopment
Father Judge High School
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