Educating the minds and souls of our students in the spirit of the gentleman saint, St. Francis de Sales

Welcome from the Director of Admissions

Welcome to Father Judge High School’s admissions site! As you spend more time on here and interact with our students, administrators, faculty and coaches, I am certain you will discover why Father Judge is the most exceptional Archdiocesan high school in Philadelphia!

The minute your son steps foot on our campus he is going to fall in love.  Our academic programs, administrators, teachers, safe atmosphere, Salesian identity, after school clubs and activities, and our athletic programs exude excellence.  

During his four years at Father Judge your son will discover his inner passion for learning as he explores challenging classes, expands his ability to think and enhances his problem solving skills.  He will make friends who last a lifetime as he becomes a “Judge Guy” and most importantly he will learn how to apply his new found knowledge to the real world.  

A Father Judge education is a fun experience that extends beyond the classroom.  As a student at Father Judge your son will learn to think outside of the box through project-based learning as he applies his daily classroom learning to real world problems.  He will turn his knowledge into action. 

As a student at Father Judge your son will quickly realize that he is part of a family.  We care about the well-being of our students and want them to be happy, involved and engaged on a daily basis.  Your son will make connections with other students, community leaders and himself.  No matter what it is your son becomes involved with, Father Judge has the resources to support him. 

Whatever your son wants to study in college, from mathematics to science or communications to business, Father Judge will teach him the skills he needs to succeed.  What he learns at Father Judge will pay off in his classroom experience and in the scholarships and grants he will receive from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the United States.  

If you like what you’ve read, sign your son up for a campus tour through our Day in the Life of a Crusader program.  It’s the best way for him explore our school and amenities.  That way, he can see for himself why he belongs at Father Judge High School.  Please take every opportunity to learn what Father Judge has to offer your son and ask questions of our students, administrators, faculty and coaches along the way.  

The next four years of your son’s life will be the best of his life and Father Judge will help him on his path of educational excellence.  We want your son to live the Judge experience and carry on the tradition of success like so many before him.  Make him a Crusader today!


Mark Gudas '88

Director of Admissions

215.338.9494 x1132



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